Leadfy at Collision!

Between June 26 and 29, 2023, the Brazilian startup Leadfy was present at Collision, one of the largest technology and startup events in North America, based in Toronto, Canada. Representing the company, co-founders Aurélio Araújo (CEO), Alfredo Moreira (CMO) and Eldon Clayton (CTO) actively participated in various activities throughout the event.

On the first day, Aurélio Araújo faced one of the biggest challenges of his career when he performed a Pitch to an attentive and qualified audience, becoming the only Latin American representative in his group. Presenting in a foreign language was a significant effort for him, but the result was worth it. Aurélio highlighted the importance of this moment, stating: "Without a doubt, doing the Pitch at an event like Collision and to such a qualified audience in a non-native language was one of the biggest challenges I have ever experienced in my career, but it was very worth it!"

On the 28th, Leadfy had the opportunity to exhibit its solution in a Beta category booth, aimed at startups that already have traction in the market. The booth attracted a constant flow of visitors throughout the day, demonstrating the interest and recognition for the work developed by the startup.

On the last day of the event, Leadfy participated in a mentorship with Felix Lahaye, a prominent professional in the areas of Esports, Marketing and Investments, and a member of the "Forbes 30 Under 30" list. This mentorship provided valuable insights and guidance to the Leadfy team, further consolidating their knowledge and perspectives for the future.

Leadfy 's presence at Collision was an important milestone that demonstrated the potential of the company's solution and Brazilian entrepreneurship. Based on this enriching experience, the Leadfy team is prepared to move forward in its next steps, driven by the knowledge acquired, the connections established and the renewed confidence in its vision and capacity for innovation.